M.O.A.N.Y. San Francisco New Years Eve

TOP 10 reasons why M.O.A.N.Y. San Francisco is the Mother Of All New Years

10. MAKING HISTORY:The name M.O.A.N.Y. came to me in a dream 11 years ago. I woke up, wrote it down on the pad of paper next to my bed, and trademarked the party the very next day when I woke up. M.O.A.N.Y. is a very special event to me, and my flagship event.

9. BETTER FUNCTIONALITY: You have to be an event planner to understand the mechanics of an event of this size. Our staff is professionally trained to reduce registration lines, and we only hire friendly, courteous bartenders and security guards whose top priority is customer service and satisfaction. If you’ve ever been to a NYE event and waited an hour to get in, you haven’t been to M.O.A.N.Y.!

8. DECOR: Most of the other parties simply add a DJ to a room and put some props on a table, and have a balloon drop. We hire a decorator to customize the two ballrooms into a unique environment. We do feature CO2 blasts, confetti & streamer launches, and we certifiably have THE largest balloon drop of any event in SF inside the Grand Ballroom!

7. AUDIOPHILES REJOICE: One of the main reasons we choose the Regency Center to host MOANY, is their amazing sound system, after all it IS a concert hall every other day of the year. You will bask in the encompassing sound system which never seems to over-power the room, and never gets so loud it hurts your ears.

6. BEAUTIFUL CROWD: The median age of MOANY attendees is 27. Expect a well-dressed, friendly crowd that knows how to party responsibly.  

5. BEST OPEN BAR IN SF: Every party I've seen has 'Open Bar'. We are one of the few events that LIST what you get: Grey Goose, Hennessey, Makers Mark, Johnnie Walker, Makers Mark, and Hendrick's to list a few brands. Seriously, don't end up at a party sipping some well bar drinks all night because you didn't pay attention to the listing.

4. BEST VIP IN SF: Lounge in the plush leather seats on the mezzanine overlooking the Grand Ballroom when your feet hurt from dancing so hard, or just get fabulously tipsy from the Top Shelf open bar! Coat check is free for all VIP ticket holders.

3. BECAUSE F@%& 2018. Seriously.

2. ENTERTAINMENT: We are featuring the top NYE entertainment in San Francisco. NYE 2019 is featuring Midnight Countdown with Grammy-nominated contemporary R&B singer, songwriter, and producer TREY SONGZ!

1. OPULENCE: Have you ever been to a $100K+ event to ring in the New Years? We take everything that is amazing and unique to the Regency Center, and enhance it, creating a unique experience unlike all of the other NYE offerings. Our motto is 'Escape The Nightclub, Escape The Hotel'. NYE is THE most special night of the year, why spend it somewhere you always go?